Im Jai House was founded in 1996 by three friends who started with only $200. Immanuel Church in Bangkok donated additional start up funding. IJH began with 15 children, now there are 40 children in our ministry.

Im Jai House helps children whose parent(s) have died or are dying from AIDS. Our goal is to show them the love of God and His son, provide an education so they can develop skills to earn a living and become self-supportive. At IJH the children learn to be a part of a family and are given a quality life so they will use their capabilities to give back to their society. The children, especially our teenagers, require role models to follow. We try our best to support them along that path.

In 2006, after the combined efforts of many people, churches, and organizations, the new IJH facility opened and the children moved into their new home. They went from one large home with limited room to live and play, to five smaller houses that provide family-style living with house parent(s), and several acres of land to play, learn gardening skills, and raise fish.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to lead and protect these precious children as they grow toward all that they were made to be by His hands.

Please consider financially sponsoring the children and the work being done at Im Jai House. You are also welcome to bring a mission team from your church or organization for special projects at Im Jai House and work with the children and staff.

For more information about Im Jai House, please visit the website at If you would like to receive the IJH newsletter please send an email to or contact for additional information. Isaac Foundation would be happy to provide advice and information for you to make your mission team travel plans.

Donations for the benefit of Im Jai House must be made through Isaac Foundation in order to receive charitable donation receipts for U.S. tax deductions. Donations sent directly to Im Jai House or its bank are not eligible for receipts from Isaac Foundation.